the cost of creativity...

For those of you wondering what’s to blame for this long, wordy, cheesy post…blame it on one of all of the following:

·      Actually going to bodypump class, not just talking about it

·      The La La Land Soundtrack

·      Listening to Hamilton for the 1,830,495 time and still finding new things to love

·      My new schnauzer socks

·      Fun, creative and sweet new clients

·      Sitting at my new kitchen table and watching the rain fall outside my window

·      10 hours of sleep last night

Photographing people is hard. Pinterest and instagram filters make you believe it’s easy, but it isn’t. It takes courage to be creative. That oh-so-perfect shot you love was once a terrible, frustrating experience long before it was Pinterest worthy. It’s scary to take risks and hope that your clients will like your new idea more than something that has been over done and pinned 4,000 times.  Ryan is constantly encouraging me to take risks while this little voice in my head says I’m not good enough to do those things and I have to stick with what works. The cost of creativity is too much sometimes. And while there is a place for the tried and true — that’s not who I am or who I want to be.

I am overflowing with gratitude for clients who trust us to tell their story. I truly believe that every person has a unique love and story, and it is our mission to tell it in a fun, new way that is completely unique to you and the one you love. In doing that, we are going to try new things and chances are pretty likely that it won’t work the first time…and that’s okay. Or, so I’m trying to learn.  

I long to live a life full of vulnerability, because I truly believe that's where beauty lives. To do that, I have to admit that I'm not always going to win, or say the right things or get "the shot" every time. By admitting that the process isn't always easy, I feel like it get a chance to appreciate imperfection. And while I love your imperfections and think they make you beautiful, mine seem to haunt me. I want 2017 to be the year that I stop running from imperfections but learn to embrace them and allow them to motivate me to a better version of myself and the art I create.

So to all of those people willing to take the journey with us and who dare to do something new and exciting, thank you. Thank you for trusting us, and being patient with us as we continually put ourselves out there and create art with you. It’s not always easy or comfortable but we are so glad we get to do it with each of you.

And because no post is complete without an image, here is a beautiful shot of a bride we can't wait to share with you soon!