Being a photographer allows us to document so many happy moments for people, which is wonderful and such a gift. When Amy contacted us about taking some pictures of her while she was fighting cancer it was a definite shift from the normal but I was so proud of her and inspired by her strength. I loved sharing this moment with her, in her home.  I continue to be amazed by her constant smile, strength and resilience. I also think it's important to remember that in today's world where everything we see online seems Pinterest perfect, filtered, and flawless, it isn't. May we all be as brave as Amy and be real with those around us, sharing our stories with those that have earned the right to hear them and being courageous enough to be our true selves. 


When Janet and Richard asked to do something out of the ordinary our wheels started turning and we couldn't wait to see how we could bring their story to life in a unique way. We opted to shoot at LaDiosa Cellars and The Coffee Shop here in Lubbock, and I couldn't be happier with the way that they turned out!  They also wanted to meet up in the evening to get some fun silhouette pictures as well. Loved working with this sweet couple!