These two. Holy moly. Their wedding day was seriously perfect. We were on schedule, everything was flawlessly decorated (Shout out to the amazing Jessica Ormand) and Anna and Keith were hopelessly in love and present all day long. It takes a lot to make sure all of that happens and I am so in awe of how beautiful these two are. 

They have so many qualities I admire: (and if we're being honest/kind of creepy - all the things I wish I was) adventurous, spontaneous, and completely laid back. I love spending time with them and. I hope that as I continue to force them to be our friends, those qualities I love will start to rub off on me. (Don't count on me holding snakes or reptiles anytime soon, Anna!) Taking their wedding pictures was a dream. The personal touches brought by both Jessica and Anna were some of my favorite details to date. So, perfect.