Where to begin with these two...I don't know when I fell in love with Stephanie. It was either at the bridal show when her silliness and zeal for life made me smile long after she was gone, OR, it was at Torchy's where we got chips, queso, and beer before their engagement session. Wither way, the love that these to have for one another and the love that they have for each others kids is one of the most beautiful things we have gotten to be a part of. Their day was so much fun! COLD, but fun. 

The girls got ready at the Overton and then everyone rode a trolley to the the church. The ceremony was so sweet! In the middle, they had a moment where Anthony turned to Stephanie's kids and made promises to them and thanked them for sharing their mommy with him. Stephanie did the same for each of Anthony's two girls. I loved that they celebrated the joining of their families and gave the kids a part in that moment, too!

Their reception was at the Silent Wings Museum! It was so awesome! Stephanie was born in England (and raised their for a portion of her life) and I loved getting glimpses of that flag throughout the night, as well as the American flag (her mom, who made the amazing cakes, just earned her citizenship!) And of course, the plane picture. I have to give my man all the credit on this one, he lit the whole thing and it looks perfect! (I think I'll keep him around...)