There's just something about the closeness of a small town wedding that is so homey. Each part of the day had sweet moments wrapped in love and tradition. Before the wedding, the bridesmaids circled Bethany and tearfully told her all the reasons they loved her and how proud they were of her. Bethany's dad performed the ceremony in the same church that he and Bethany's mom were married in 40 years ago. The reception was in Alan's hometown of Nazareth - a small community of about 300 people where they had friends preparing and serving the meal.  After barbecue and cake, all the guests made their way down "the hill". It's a tradition of about 50 years (according to sweet guest that gave me a short history lesson) that the groomsmen build something for the bride to sit in and the groom pull her up the hill. People walk or drive alongside them, honking and cheering. Alan's groomsmen built a steel base with wheels to pull Bethany in, oh and they out a CLAW FOOT TUB on top. This hill was no small hill but with the help of his dad, groomsmen and bridesmaids they made it to the top and danced the night away. 

Thank you for asking us to be a part of your sweet day, Bethany and Alan!