January is already over. Man, that went fast. We shot our first two weddings of the year — one in Plainview, one in Lubbock — on consecutive weekends, and then went to the Lubbock Bridal Show where we were fortunate enough to meet some lovely, lovely people. Some of whom were so kind as to ask us to photograph their weddings. So January was pretty good, despite apparently only having like 15 days. Oh well. Here are a couple of our favorite images from those two weddings.

This first is from Mackenzie and Heath Huffhines' wedding in Plainview. This particular image is outside of the First United Methodist Church in Plainview which also doubles as our stand-in for that medieval castle look that is SO hot right now. ( I'm kidding of course, but it definitely evokes that feeling to me.) And these two were so kind to brave the freezing temperatures with us to allow us to get a couple shots outside. In addition to being fast, January has been hella cold.

Huffhines Plainview Wedding.jpg


The second image is from Stephanie and Anthony Huerta's wedding in Lubbock. This shot was taken in front of the giant airplane in front of the Silent Wings Museum just outside of town. You really don't appreciate the size of an airplane until you almost decapitate yourself multiple times while trying to move a light around. Kudos to these two as well for braving the cold; their breath is probably my favorite part of the shot.



So that was January. Hello February; let's keep up the good work.